Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Race Day Is Coming!

I'm still feeling pretty crappy with my cold as it seems to have moved in to my lungs and I'm hacking up junk all day. I'm still trying to stick with my training and at the same time trying to balance the rest I need to recover from this cold, obviously the two don't mix well. Anyways, last night I rode with the Velocity team in Sussex and had a real good ride until the end. I was able to beat them all up the hills and was able to pull pretty good on the flats. Right now I'm actually stronger up hills than I am on the flats, I still lack the power to push a big gear right now but that will definitely come with time. Velocity has a rider on their team that has won the first two races of the year and he seems to be a pretty good rider but I was able to handle him up the hills without much problem. We didn't do any sprints last night but he said he wasn't much of a sprinter so I'll assume I could take him in a sprint also. I feel pretty confident that I could hang with him in an attack in a race, but we'll find out Sunday I guess. At the end of the ride I had a cramp in my left calf that left me in a little bit of pain, but had no problem finishing the 43 mile ride. The average speed for our ride was 21.9 for 43 miles which is by far my fastest ride in 10 years. Overall it seemed pretty easy so I'm not too worried about my first race. Tonight will be an easy ride of about 2 hours to recover from yesterday's ride and to give me some respite from this cold, definitely no intervals today.

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