Monday, April 10, 2006

Great Weekend!

This weekend was great for riding and I definitely did a lot of it. I did a 43 mile ride on Saturday with about 45 minutes or more of Race Simulation where I basically simulate breakaways, sprints, corner attacks, hill attacks, etc. and felt really good overall. I did a 46 mile ride on Sunday with my dad and we did a nice rolling route to Spring Grove, Illinois from Burlington and I felt really good on that ride as well. The hills seem to get easier every day and in the coming weeks they'll only get easier as I work on my lactate threshold by doing intervals and sprints ahead of my first races. I rode early this weekend on both days just so that I could get home right around lunch time and still spend the rest of the day working on my lawn and being with my family. Right now with the expanded daylight and early morning rides I'm not having any conflicts with schedules so that really helps take away some of the mental strain of trying to fit in my training rides. My total mileage for the year now stands at 1,918 miles, so by the end of this week I will hit 2,000 miles which is far more than I had planned on doing by April when I started training again. I still think I should be better than I am because of course I used to be really good so I expected to be good when I started this. I've realized that I have to work harder than I initially thought but I can already see the results of the hard work and hopefully in two weeks I will place well in my first race. Well, today is a rest day and depending on the weather, as it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I will be riding with the Velocity Cycling team on Tuesday after work. It will be my first training ride with hardcore racers so it should be quite the eye opener.

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