Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feeling Good, But Not For Long........

I was feeling pretty good on the bike on Tuesday and part of Wednesday's ride but I've managed to get myself pretty sick in the last couple of days and it feels like it is getting worse. I didn't ride with the Velocity team as I had planned on Tuesday because I was already feeling the cold coming on and didn't want to get wet as the forecast called for rain. I did 1 hour of OverUnder Intervals around a circuit by my house and then moved to the rollers once it started to rain. I completed 2 hours for 37 miles which is right about what I wanted to do for the night. Wednesday I was feeling a little worse but decided to ride with Tom and Al from New Berlin and the weather couldn't have been better. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that great but managed to finish out the ride of 31 miles with some surprising results on all the hill climbs. When I first met Tom about 45 days ago I wasn't even able to stay with him on the flats, yesterday I was able to drop him without much problem and I was able to fly away on the hills with relative ease. Tom and Al both said that I climb better than anybody in the Master's 4/5 races that they've been in or seen. That definitely gave me confidence for the road races but I still had a little trouble staying with Al at 29 mph on the flats for an extended period of time. Al is an animal, he dropped Tom pretty quick and I was able to stay with him but once he cranked it up and stayed there for about 5 minutes I was having trouble because I couldn't breathe from my cold. All in all it was a great ride but I could tell that I was going to pay for it as soon as I got home. My throat felt really sore and I could tell that my cold was getting worse as my body was working to repair itself from the bike ride. I'm not sure if I will ride today, I'd love to just lay in bed and get some much needed rest, but I'll have to see how I feel as the day goes on. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day which is good and of course it's Easter weekend so we'll have to see how this weekend goes, hopefully I'm recovered.

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