Thursday, April 06, 2006

Doing It, and Doing It Well

Last night was a great ride of 1 hr 35 minutes as I got off to a little bit later start and because of darkness had to head home before I got in my planned 2 hours. I still got in a great workout minus the extra 25 minutes that I didn't complete. I did 40 minutes of Tempo including a long 1/2 mile climb up Tans Rd. which really kicked my butt at the top where it gets really steep. I eventually got lost as I'm still not very familiar with the roads around New Berlin and Muskego and I somehow ended up in Big Bend. I found my way from Big Bend to Waukesha and rode Hwy. I back to to New Berlin and it was actually a nice rolling route that suited the Tempo workout quite nicely. I am feeling stronger every day and was able to ride up hills in the big ring that I had to go up in the 39x21 a few weeks ago. At the end of the ride I had my highest average speed for a ride in over 10 years. The weather was great also and of course I was wishing I could work on the yard but I figured that after my morning ride on Saturday I would have all day to do stuff at home and I would also have part of Sunday after we go to Devil's Lake. Tonight it is supposed to rain so I have an Endurance Mile ride of 2 hours scheduled on the rollers with no specialty workout. I also have to cook steaks on the grill for the family so I'd skip an outside ride anyway even if it were nice.

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