Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun In The Sun

Yesterday was the first ride during Daylight Savings Time so I managed to get in a 1 hour 45 minute ride after work before it got dark. I cut about 25 minutes off of my time for the Muskego loop since I last did it so I am definitely improving as evidenced by my 4 mph jump in average speed for the ride. There was a nasty headwind today which hurt a little bit but actually helped when I had to do my specialty workout of Muscle Tension Intervals. I did (3) 6 minute intervals in a 53x12 gear and doing it in to the headwind simulated going up a long hill. I felt great during the intervals but I think it got my heart rate up a little too high, as it should only be at Tempo range during these workouts. My heart rate was probably about 5-6 beats more than it should've been for this type of strength workout. I'm attributing it to the headwind since it took a lot of effort just to pedal that type of gear in to a 20mph wind. Overall I'm feeling good and I've noticed that my hill climbing has improved tremendously as I am now able to climb some steep hills at 15-16 mph that I was only able to do at 10-12 mph two weeks ago. Today will be about a 2 hour ride but I can't remember what my specialty workout is but I'll let you all know tomorrow.

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