Thursday, June 01, 2006

Steady States and Saddles

Last night was a pretty good night of riding, the weather was beautiful and I got in a good workout although the legs didn't exactly feel great. I rode from my house to the Root River Parkway and over to Whitnall Park to do my Steady State intervals around the criterium course which has almost no car traffic and some minimal bike traffic so its perfectly suited for these workouts. I did (4) 9 minutes intervals at 92% with equal recovery and my legs didn't feel all that super but my heart rate was getting up there so I know the workouts were doing their job. All in all I felt pretty good and rode a nice recovery ride home around New Berlin for a total ride of 2 hours which was about 15 minutes less than I wanted to get in, but 15 minutes doesn't really matter too much. Tonight I've got to get supplies for the fence I'm putting up this weekend and the decorative trees that we are also putting in so I'll actually be skipping a ride tonight and will be spending my time at Home Depot. It kills me to skip riding all together but I've been trying to get this fence and landscaping project going for a while now and have just been too busy. This weekend is supposed to be perfect Saturday and Sunday so this is the time to do it. I'll be gone next week in Florida on business so I need to get it done now. I'll still ride tomorrow night, Saturday and Sunday but tonight I just need to take the time to get all my ducks in a row and make sure that I have all the supplies I need.
Well, now for my saddle rant. I've been having trouble with my saddles this year and have to find a comfortable seat to buy so I've been looking around and think I may have found a nice one in the Selle Italia Signo Gel. When I built up my bike this year I bought the Forte Pro Ti saddle because it was really light and had the "pressure point" cutout. Unfortunately I just never got comfortable on the saddle and had to take it off, basically wasting $75 since it's now just sitting in my basement. I took the saddle off my old Pinarello which is a 15 year-old Concor Flite Ti saddle which is quite comfortable and worn in, but like I said, it is 15 years old! It has more miles on it than I can count and pretty much creaks constantly when I ride since the rails are probably ready to break off the shell just from age and use. I want a saddle that has a narrow head because I tend to bring my knees in when I pedal and I rub the seat if it isn't narrow. I'd also like a "pressure point" cutout as there is the possibility that I might want another kid some day and I have to protect the boys. It's gotta be a light saddle but at the same time comfortable, so no hard carbon shells, gotta have some padding. I've looked around and found some that I like but they are either too wide at the point, too heavy or just plain ugly, yes aesthetics count for something. So far the front runner is the Signo as it has everything I'm looking for, most likely I'll order one tomorrow. If anyone wants to recommend their favorite seat please leave me a comment. Here's the Signo, it has a carbon fiber shell, gel padding and vibration dampners and weighs only 225 grams.....

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