Saturday, June 24, 2006

3 Weeks And Counting

Well, today's race in Whitewater went about as well as I expected but I'm still disappointed as I finished 8th today in what was pretty much a spread out bunch sprint. The course was a 6-turn course with two quick turns at the end and that pretty much didn't allow for a true bunch sprint as we all came in to the final turns together but since they were so quick it kind of thinned out. I had great legs at the end and I went in to the corners in 9th and came out in 8th which isn't bad for me because I haven't been able to sprint yet this year and today I actually passed one guy and didn't let anyone get by me. I felt great after the finish and could have gone 20 more laps, so that is the disappointing part, I really should have tried to get away in the last lap but we were all moving so fast today in the backstretch and the course wasn't very wide so there really was no way around the front 5-10 guys. I was flying today on good form but I think everyone else was as well as the pace was pretty fast on this relatively flat course, there were a lot of breakaways and I think a lot of people thought they could win it today. After feeling so good today I'm pretty disappointed that I can't do the Whitewater Road Race tomorrow as I think I could do pretty well. My company is having a power shutdown tomorrow and I have to be responsible for shutting down and bringing up the network equipment before and after they turn off the power. I'll be in to work at 4:00a.m. and won't get out until about 3:00p.m. so it'll be a long day. Tomorrow I'll just try to get in about a 2 hour ride at Endurance Pace after work and before I have to go to dinner with my sister who is in from California and the rest of the family. Should be a long day.............Anyways, here is a picture of me during the race today, sorry no finishing pictures right now, I think my mom has some though that I'll post once she sends them to me.

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