Thursday, June 08, 2006

Takin' It Easy In Tampa

Well, not much going on with training right now as I am in Tampa, FL on business and am pretty busy working (well, except right now). I did not ride yesterday as we flew down in the morning and came right to our Fiserv center here and went to work. We left to have dinner at about 6:00 and then it was back to the hotel at 9:00. I was in bed fairly early and was up this morning and back at work at 8:00. I'm hoping that we get out early this afternoon as I found a Bally's Fitness about 5 miles from the hotel that I should be able to go to today to do about an hour or hour and a half on the exercise bikes. It's not the same as riding the road bike but it is a workout at least. They do have a b-ball court at the hotel so I'll probably play a few games with the other guys and that will be a good workout in this heat as well. Friday is a normal rest day so I don't need to ride tomorrow and they are talking about playing golf if we can get out of the office in the late morning, that would be pretty cool (relatively speaking in this heat). Saturday I'll hit Bally's in the morning again and then Sunday we fly back in the early afternoon so I'll ride as scheduled at home.
How about that American sweep at the Dauphine! That's pretty awesome, I guarantee one of the 4 will win the Dauphine, and maybe the Tour?????

Cool pic of David Z.


Gloria said...

I was reading your blog, and chuckled to myself---my kid is focused: it's all about the biking......An A for effort!

Gloria said...

Hope you don't melt in Florida dear!!!Love when you are back