Friday, June 02, 2006

Bike Parts Are Addicting!

If there is one thing that I've found in my search for a new bike seat it's that I'm addicted to bike parts, all kinds from wheels to shifters to tires, right down to the handlebar tape. I love looking at all the online catalogs for,,,, etc......I could spend all day browsing and buying parts! I think to be a bicycle racer you have to have some sort of compulsion, or full on OCD, because it is so demanding that you have to be obsessed with training, keeping up your diet, following your routine, shaving every gram of weight in order to be at the top of your game. I definitely have an obsession with training, my program has to be done a certain way, the more I race and the better I do, the more I want to race and do well, it just perpetuates itself. I'm the say way with my bike parts, yeah, I could've just bought a brand new stem or handlebar but if I see that the newer, lighter model came out I usually have to have it. Right now I don't have much to upgrade except probably my wheels as I have all Campy Record carbon fiber and titanium parts. I sure would like some new Mavic Carbon wheels, but at $1200 a wheel who can afford them?!?! Anyways, I'm trying to stick to just getting a new seat, but boy, looking through all those web sites without getting anything else sure is difficult.
So, yesterday I did some of what I needed to do at Home Depot and do have some other things I need to get today for my weekend fence project. I will try to fit in a bike ride between going to my son's baseball game tonight and going to Home Depot, but probably won't get in more than an hour. Tomorrow I have a lot to do, basically with putting up my fence, helping my friend Jason put up his and managing to find time to ride for 3 hours, it's gonna be a crazy day. Sunday should be about the same as I'll still be working on the fence and have to get in about 2.75 hours on the bike. Most likely my rides will be at about 6:00a.m. or at 6:00p.m. but we'll see, it all depends on how tired I am in the morning. Well, I'll update y'all tomorrow, not sure when but it'll probably be late after I finish everything. Until then.........


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