Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sore Legs, And A Case of OCD

I wish I could say that I got a well deserved rest last night but after working 10 hours I came home, made dinner for the family, and then proceeded to dig post holes for my fence as I only have to put on two more panels to have it finished. It would have been nice to just eat dinner and put the legs up on the couch and watch TV but it just wasn't in the cards. I have to say that my legs are a little sore right now, but feeling pretty strong nonetheless. This week and the beginning of next week will be high intensity workouts and then the second half of next week and the following week will be mostly recovery rides as I taper down my workouts. The legs are sore but I know that after tonight and tomorrow's heavy-duty workouts that I get to rest the legs Thursday and Friday before Saturday's race. Tonight I have to do 7 x 3 minutes of Power Intervals and then tomorrow I'll be doing Descending Intervals of 75/60/45/30/15 x 2 sets. Thursday will be an easy 1.25 hour ride at about 60-70 % and then Friday will be an easy 1 hour Recovery Ride at about 50% with a few sprints thrown in to shock the legs for Saturday. Saturday is the race in Whitewater which is a 1.0 mile loop but I haven't heard much about the course, I'm not sure if it's hilly or flat or how many turns are on the course. It looks like I'll have a good cheering section for the race as well as I think my dad will be coming to watch for the first time this year and also my sister flies in from California on Thursday for a 10-day stay so she'll probably be coming with my mom and stepdad as well to watch the race. I might have to revise my plan and go for a good result to please the family....we'll see. Anyways, my singular vision right now is SuperWeek and it's hard not to think about what I can do to be at my best for the races. For those that don't know I'm on my sabbatical from June 30th until August 2nd so I will be home and can do any number of races and my plan right now is to do about 8-10 races depending on how I do in the first 5. Every day I'm thinking of what I can change or what I can do to be at my best for the next 4 weeks and it's becoming a little case of OCD. I'm constantly fiddling with my program and worrying about everything that I eat, so when SuperWeek is over I'll probably feel a little relieved!! I know my wife will be happy when it's over! We did plan a little break the weekend before racing starts as we are going to Governor Dodge State Park for some camping on the 7th, 8th and 9th and that will give me some time to unwind and just hang out at the beach and lay in the water. I will bring my bike of course to do my rides but at that point they will only be an hour or so at Endurance pace. Well, until next time........

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