Friday, June 16, 2006

Ready To Race!

Tomorrow is race day in Madison at the Spin Doctor's Criterium and it's been about 3 weeks since I've raced so I'm ready to go. The course is the same as the Great Dane Velo race that I did for my first race of the year. It's about a .9 mile course I believe with one small uphill otherwise it is relatively flat, although the finish straight has a gradual rise but hardly worth mentioning. I'm feeling pretty good right now so I'm going to use it as training and hopefully will pull out a good result. My plan is to launch an attack or two just to see how the power is coming along and then just sit in the group until the end if I can't stay away. I haven't done all that well in sprint finishes so far this year so if it looks like it will come down to that then I'm not sticking around for it, I'll try to get off the front. Well, that's the plan for tomorrow, as for last night I did manage to get in my full two hours and did my set of 6 x 3 minute Power Intervals. I felt really good and was able to get my heart rate pretty high and was really able to push the limit of my lactate threshold. Early in the year if I went over a bump in the road I had lactic acid buildup, now my HR and lungs max out before I can fry my legs. These Power Intervals will definitely help with my lungs. Today will be an easy day with a 1 hour Recovery Ride on the schedule and a couple of 1 minute max efforts to open up the legs. I got some good sleep last night and will get to bed early again tonight after I clean up my bike and pack my gear. Overall, things are going well and I'm right on track for SuperWeek. Until next time.........

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