Sunday, January 21, 2007

Disappointing Weekend

This weekend was pretty disappointing, actually probably more frustrating than disappointing but I wasn't happy either way. I was supposed to do weights on Friday after work but my boss was on vacation and I had to pick up a lot of the slack and just got hammered with requests at the end of the day and ended working late until 6:00. I was supposed to be home by 6:00 to pick up my son from his school activity but obviously that wasn't going to happen as I was still at work and hadn't even done weights yet. My wife ended up picking up my son, but she asked if I could just come home because no one had eaten dinner yet and if I did weights I wouldn't be home until 7:00 at the earliest. So anyways, I skipped weights and went home.
Saturday morning I was going to get out and do a 2.5 hour ride before my wife's grandparents 50th anniversary celebration but when I was outside cleaning up snow off the driveway I slipped on some ice and really tweaked my left knee. It bent under me and twisted in when I tried to catch my balance and hurt so much that I couldn't ride at all. I tried to test it after taking some ibuprofen and warming it up on the trainer but it just hurt too bad to pedal. I iced it, stretched quite a bit, and took ibuprofen throughout the rest of the afternoon and by the evening it was actually feeling pretty good. After the anniversary celebration we went out for a late dinner at about 8:00 with some friends and after a couple of beers with dinner there wasn't much pain at all. Today I used a hot pad on it in the morning to warm it up before jumping on the trainer in the afternoon and didn't have much problem pedaling at an easy pace but I didn't really try to push it at all. I rode on the trainer for 2.5 hours and by the time I got off the knee actually felt really good. I'll be doing weights tomorrow but I'm going to have to probably lighten the pounds a bit and maybe drop the reps if there is still any tenderness in the knee. Hopefully all will be good. Well, other than that, this is the last day of my Foundation Period in which I completed 16 weeks of just getting in some miles and doing some secondary exercises to prepare me for the Preparation Period which starts tomorrow. I am considerably stronger this year than I was last year at this time as I was only 1.5 months in to my comeback. My longest ride to this point last year was 1.5 hours and this year it is 4.25 hours so there is no question that my 2nd year back in to this should show better results in the first few races as I will be much better prepared. Well, it's late, time for bed, sorry for the lack of post for the last 3 days but it was a hectic weekend, until next time.............

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