Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Little Chilly

Today I did a group ride with 3 other guys starting at Transition Bike Shop in Pewaukee and we did a nice, easy ride of 3 hours 20 minutes and the wind sure made for a nice workout. It was definitely better riding with the group than trying to fight the wind by myself, thanks Aaron, Russ, and John!! We took a pretty flat route from Pewaukee out to Neosho and then back, and kept it at a pretty easy pace for the most part. I felt great when I got back and my dad called shortly after I walked in the door and offered to take the family out to dinner so that was the topper to a nice day. I had a great T-Bone steak, a double-baked potato, salad and some soup, everything that I think is essential to recovering from a long ride, um yeah, probably not, but oh well. Tomorrow I'll be riding from New Berlin to Delafield and back, should be close to 4 hours on the route that I'm taking. The temps will be about 40-45 and it's supposed to be mostly sunny and the winds will be about 10-20mph. I'm going to take it easy for the most part and just do it as Foundation Miles, no intervals or anything like that. By the end of tomorrow I should have just under 7.5 hours for the two weekend days, not too shabby in January! Well, I'm going to keep it short today, it's late, I'm tired and the wife wants to watch a movie yet. I'm sure I'll be snoozing on the recliner in no time. Until next time........

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