Sunday, January 07, 2007

Long Day In The Saddle....For January

After yesterday's ride of just short of 3.5 hours I rested up last night and woke up re-charged this morning for another ride on a beautiful January day......did I really say that? Well, considering our average temperature for January is 28 and it hit about 42 today with lots of sunshine in the morning and early afternoon, I would consider it a beautiful day. So anyway, I woke up, ate about 5 pancakes and let that digest for a little bit and then started the task of layering the clothes for what I hoped would be a ride of at least 4 hours based on my route. I took off from New Berlin and headed north towards Delafield and although the wind was a little on the gusty side it really didn't seem all that bad. I made it to Delafield and started to head East for a while before I was to turn South. Well, somewhere along the way I got to a road that I thought I was supposed to turn down but it wasn't marked with the same road name that I had on my map. Thinking that my map was incorrect, duh, I decided to keep going and figured maybe I'd run in to my turn down the road a little further. Well after about 3 or 4 more miles and no intersecting roads at all I just decided to keep going until I hit the next intersection and then I would head South. Well, I did that and was heading South and didn't recognize any of the roads I was on but I knew I was heading towards home so I kept on going until I finally hit a road I recognized. Eventually I met back up with my route about 30 miles later in Waukesha and made my way home. I brought plenty of food and water with me so I wasn't feeling too bad with the cumulative effect of yesterday's ride and the time I spent on the road today but I could tell I was pretty wiped out. The end result of today's ride was 4 hours, 15 minutes, which I'm really happy with as I don't think I did over 4 hours until July last year. My two day total of 7 hours, 35 minutes is pretty good for January as well, I'm glad I got the hours in this weekend as it looks like the weather is going to take a turn for the worse. Tomorrow is a rest day on the bike but I will be doing weights after work and I also have to do some housework before my wife kills me. With all the riding I did this weekend it took away from my housework because of course I can't just jump right in to working, I have to come home and recover after the rides, I don't want to stress myself too much! :) So a lot of time was spent on the recliner in addition to all the riding. Well, I'm pretty spent and one of the most important things to do after a couple of long days of riding is to get some rest, so I'm going to have some Sleepytime tea and hit the bed. Until next time..........

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