Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter Is Back

Well, the weather here has returned to the normal Wisconsin winter that we've come to know and hate, er, I mean love. The forecast is calling for 2-4 inches of the white stuff overnight and another couple of inches tomorrow but right now there is only a trace of it on the ground and the roads are a bit wet so it's not too bad. I don't think I'll be hitting the road today though, as it's still pretty cold and probably wet enough to deter me from trying to slide around on the road bike. I'll set up the trainer today and watch some movies and football and down about 8 waterbottles as I need to recover some fluid that I lost from the wedding I was at last night. I'm scheduled for 3.5 hours today but I'm hoping that I can squeeze out 4 on the trainer as tomorrow starts a regeneration week and I'd like today to be a hard day. The last few days have been pretty good and yesterday I did manage to squeeze in a 3 hour ride before the wedding and felt really good. I'd like to get at least 7 hours in again this weekend to match last weekend's total but not sure if I'll feel good enough to get in 4 hours, especially after the drinks I had last night. I can tell I'm a bit dehydrated and probably need to drink quite a bit of water before I ride so I'll definitely be doing that this morning before hitting the trainer this afternoon. Other than that, tomorrow is a rest day on the bike and it also starts my regeneration week and the last week of my Foundation Period before I move on to the Preparation Period in 2 weeks. Well, have to keep it short today, gotta get some fluids in me and take care of some housework before I start riding. I'll update tomorrow, until next time.......

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