Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Now THIS Is January!

Well, the cold weather has finally returned to Wisconsin and winter is starting to feel like, well, WINTER! My training the last two days has been pretty good, nothing exciting to report though, pretty standard training right now. Monday was a rest day on the bike although I did go on the trainer for 15 minutes just to loosen up the legs as they felt a little tight after the weekend, it felt really good to get the blood flowing and just get them warmed up. Last night I rode the trainer for 2 hours, 15 minutes shorter than scheduled but I'm fine with that because I had a busy night at home and had to get things done. Tonight is weights after work and then a ride of 1.5 hours with Muscle Tension intervals thrown in as well. Tomorrow will just be a 2 hour Foundation Mile ride on the trainer and Friday will be a rest day on the bike. The weather is looking like crap this weekend so it appears that I'll be riding the trainer but not sure for how long. I have a 3.5 hour ride scheduled but if I'm going to have to ride the trainer then it will probably be only about 2.75 hours. If I can get on the road somehow then I'd like to go out to Lake Geneva in the morning and ride a pretty sheltered route around the lake a couple of times. I have to go to a co-workers wedding at 2:00 so I have to ride early no matter what, whether it's on the trainer or outside. Sunday is looking just as bad for weather so could be a trainer ride as well. Well, I'll update more this week, until next time..........

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Nickname : "Eck" said...

Get a beater mtb and join us on the trail for 3 hrs on Sat?? How can you pass that up?