Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Love The Trainer

I'm kidding.....I hate the trainer but it appears I will be on it for at least the next two weeks straight due to work and the weather so I'm convincing myself that I love it. During the week I work until 5:00 so obviously riding outdoors won't work and this weekend the temps are only supposed to hit single digits and maybe the teens for highs. That means that I'll be riding indoors this week, this weekend, next week, and then the first chance I get to ride outdoors would be next weekend, the 10th and 11th. Hopefully the weather will be nice that weekend as I'm sure I'll have major cabin fever and will have to ride no matter what the conditions are outside. So anyways, this week will be trainer rides consisting of 2.25 hrs tonight, 1.75 hrs tomorrow with Muscle Tension intervals, 2.25 hrs on Thursday with 40 minutes of Tempo and then a 1 hr recovery ride on Friday. Saturday is supposed to be 3.75 hrs outdoors but if I have to move it indoors I'll probably lower it to 3 or 3.25 just to save some of my sanity as I'll have to do it again on Sunday, which will probably only be 3-3.25 hrs as well. I did my weight work yesterday and felt great doing that and so far today my legs are ready to go for tonight's ride. Starting tonight I'm going to try to incorporate some more stretching on a daily basis before and after my rides and also will try to do some ab work on a daily basis which I normally avoid. I'm pretty flexible but I've been doing some reading and found some cycling-specific stretches that I'd like to try out so that's why I'm going to add more stretching to my normal routine. I still have knee issues occassionally and will try out these new stretches to see if they help alleviate some of the pain. Other than that, I'm happy to report that I have not yet gotten sick from my venture out in to the snow on Saturday, I was holding out hope that I didn't kill myself too much and weaken the immune system and it seems that I'm still 100% healthy. I've been taking Zinc and drinking lots of Green Tea since then so maybe that helped. Let's see, what else..... my weight is staying steady, still at 183 as of this morning but I can tell I've defined my muscles a bit more so I'm guessing I've lost some fat but replaced the weight with a bit more muscle. I think I can still lose about 8-9 more pounds to be at racing weight for this year which I hope will be 174-175, but we'll see, I'd be happy with 177. Well, that's it for now, until next time.......

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