Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lonnnnngggg Day

Today was a day from hell. Up at 4:50 a.m and off to work a bit before 6:00 and then I had to work until 7:00p.m.. Yeah, that sucks. That's what happens when the boss is off and I get to do all the work. Tomorrow morning it's back to work at 6:30, hopefully I'll be out by 5:00. Anyways, I'm keeping it short tonight and will update more tomorrow, it's bed time. Monday my knee was feeling better for the most part, it didn't hurt to much to bend it, only when it was completely straight and when I put weight on it initially to get out of a chair or something. I didn't have much pain during my weight workout Monday evening and to keep the knee loose I actually came home after lifting weights and rode for an hour just to see how it would feel. It was a scheduled rest day but I'm glad I rode anyways, just for peace of mind with the knee basically. Knowing that it was pretty much o.k. to ride on, I stuck to my scheduled workout tonight and came home after work and just ate a sandwich so that I could squeeze in 2.25 hours on the trainer. I felt great the whole time and watched Saw III that came out today, if you love gore, it's a good movie to watch. If not, then for the love of God don't watch it! Well tomorrow is weights and 1.75 hours on the trainer with Muscle Tension Intervals, more on that for tomorrow's post. I'm getting sleepy as I'm typing.....until next time.......

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