Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feeling Sore....But In A Good Way

Well, since I got back from Blue Mounds I've been doing quite a bit of biking but not nearly as much as I initially thought I would do while on vacation. I did get in 22 hours on the bike this week and for the most part the hours were equally split between difficult rides and recovery rides. I did my long rides in Blue Mounds and every hour of those rides were in the difficult category as I was going uphill it seemed like most of the time. 30 seconds downhill.....then anywhere from 5-10 minutes uphill....repeat. Wednesday I did a 2 hour recovery ride on the trainer and Thursday was 3.25 hours on the road at an endurance pace for the most part. Friday was a 4 hour ride out to Delafield and back and that was endurance pace as well. Yesterday was my first Drop the Doc ride of the year and for the most part it was a miserable ride as it was foggy, raining, and I also blew 2 tubes on the way to the ride from Andy's house. The actual riding part was good though as the pace was pretty fast and I didn't have any problem hanging in there, although I could tell that the wet weather and lack of stretching was affecting my left knee and hip as they seemed really tight the whole ride. The ride total for yesterday was a little over 3 hours including the ride from Andy's house and the Doc ride. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for a ride today, we have some family commitments today, mainly running around dropping off cookie dough for my son's fundraiser so depending on the weather when I get back I'll decide on my ride then. If it's nice I'll do a longer recovery ride but not before I clean my bike as it's a complete mess from yesterday's ride. My chain is dry and I got mud and worms caked on every other moving part I think.
This week it's back to work, so it's back to riding for 75-90 minutes outside right after work and then finishing on the trainer once it gets dark. March 31st is our team photo shoot and get-together and then the first WCA race of the year is Sunday, the 1st. Can't wait! Now let's hope it doesn't snow or anything. Well, more updates to come this week, until next time........

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