Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Pics

Great night on the trainer....2 hours with 4x10min Steady States. No problem keeping at 92% for 10minutes and recovery was super quick. I went from 173bpm to 118-120 in about 30 seconds after each interval, which means everything is firing as it should. If I was overtrained my HR wouldn't recover as fast or even get that high. If I was undertrained I wouldn't be able to do the whole 4 x 10minutes, so I know I'm feeling good. Here are some pics of the new bike...CAAD 8 with all Campy Record Carbon and Easton Carbon components. Campy Eurus wheels. Also, some pics of the new team kit.


scootsonmoots said...

Geez....Record? Eurus? You belong in the same pig pen as Eck (inside joke, you can ask on Sat). And you should drop the IT thing and be a model. No wait, it's just the clothes that look so good. Can't wait to see you trash the pack and since Ben won't race we need help in the old guys group. I just counted 4 more gray hairs last night so my time is short.

bc said...

It is the clothes, it's definitely not me. They are so sharp that even IT guys can look good in them. I'm one of those dry weather racers. For some reason rain makes my legs feel horrible, but I'll still bust some chops anyways. Can't wait to make 'em suffer. 4 more? You might as well hang it up now.