Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now I'm Ready To Race

Well, after a few days of recovery on Sunday and Monday I was ready to pick up the pace again today and I actually felt really good considering I felt like crap on Saturday. I did an easy 50 minute ride with my wife on Sunday and then an easy 45 minutes on Monday just around the neighborhood. I think I summed up both rides when I told my wife that I was just being a "bike rider" and not a "bike racer" when I went out to ride. I enjoyed just taking the time to go slow and ride, sometimes I forget to do that and it's nice to slow it down every once and a while and remember what it's like to just ride your bike without worrying about HR or intervals. So that leads me to today when I WAS worrying about those things as I kicked it up and stopped being a rider and started being a racer again. I did 2 hours on the trainer after dinner tonight with the last 50 minutes being a Tempo workout, along with a 5 minute cooldown after that. I had no problem keeping my HR at 162-165 for 50 minutes, I was sweating like crazy in the basement but my breathing was steady and I was pedaling on air. Tomorrow I'll do 2.5 hours on the trainer with 4 x 10min Steady State intervals as I'm assuming the forecast will be correct and it will be raining. Thursday may possibly be an outside ride as the forecast is a little iffy and if so I'll do about 90 minutes outside before it gets dark and then another 60 minutes inside. Friday will be an easy 60 minute ride and then Saturday is our team presentation. We will do the photo shoot and then go on a 90-120 minute ride and I'll be doing some Power Intervals to get the legs revved up and I'm sure we'll do a couple of sprints for fun. After that we'll be grilling out and talking race strategy ahead of Sunday's race. Well, that's enough for now, I have to be up at 4:00a.m. and at work by 5:00 so it's time to hit the hay. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the new bike and our new team kit, until next time.....

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