Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

Right now it's 17 degrees and fairly windy so I'm hoping that it warms up a bit so I can get outside today but we'll see. The roads still aren't the greatest but I've got my cyclo-cross bike so I'm not worried about getting my bike dirty, just more worried about the drivers that won't give me room because there are no shoulders on the road at all due to the snow. I'll give it an hour or so and then decide whether or not to hit the trainer again today or bundle up and go outside. Anyways, yesterday was a good day, on the trainer of course, with a ride of 3hrs 35min with 45 minutes of Tempo in the last hour. Everything felt really good yesterday, a rarity of late, and I'm ready to put my knee troubles behind me now I think. Today I'm going to do another 3 hour 30 minute ride if I hit the trainer otherwise I'm hoping for about the same if not a little less on the road. I'd be satisfied doing 2.5 on the road and another hour on the trainer if the temps decide to go up. It's 4 weeks from today until the first race, I want to be ready but I'm not going to push it to try to be 100% for the first race of April. Right now I'm planning my peak for July, basically for the same reason everyone else peaks in July, Superweek number one, and also for the State Crit and State TT Championships.
This week is going to be a crappy training week as I'll be in Florida for work from Wednesday until Sunday and I'm staying in a suite complex that doesn't have a fitness center so I can't even ride an exercise bike. Even if I were to rent a bike, there is no where I can ride in the area that we will be in, it's all interstate and 4-lane roads. I'll ride today though for 3hrs30min, tomorrow for at least 3hrs, which is normally a rest day, and then Tuesday I have my son's Court of Honor for Boy Scouts so I'll do an hour in the morning before work and then 2.5hrs at night afterwards. Sunday I will be back home at about 2:00 so luckily it's also the first day of Daylight Savings Time so I'll have plenty of time to ride outside. Well, that's it for now, time to go check the temps and maybe hit the road. Until next time.....

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scootsonmoots said...

get going.....i'll meet you in lake geneva.