Monday, March 20, 2006

Get 'Er Done!

The weather this weekend was great and I managed to really get some miles in during the two sunny days. I did a ride of 3 hours 10 minutes on Saturday and 2 hours 30 minutes on Sunday, and boy do I need the rest day today! Saturday was a good relatively rolling course to East Troy and back and there were some nice hills at the end. I did meet up with another racer on the road who humbled me pretty good up the hills and then on the flats afterwards, I definitely have some work to do. The other biker was going to be racing this year in the Masters 4/5 category also and if his skill was any indication of what I'm up against then I am in real trouble. I did accomplish my goal of doing 60 minutes of Race Simulation on the ride and it felt pretty good but I still stink up the hills. Sunday was even nicer than Saturday with highs in the low 40s and nothing but sun. I did a ride on the Root River Parkway of 2 hours 30 min with (3) 7 minute Steady State intervals. Basically I keep my heart rate right below time trial pace and do 7 minutes with equal recovery. It helps increase your Lactate Threshold and build sustained power. Today is going to be a nice Recovery Day as I am on vacation this whole week and I'll just be working around the house. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow so I'm probably going to be stuck inside on the rollers for a couple of hours and I'm hoping Wednesday that I'll get out to Lake Geneva if the weather is good and do about 3.5 - 4 hours out there. Well, pray for good weather, until next time............

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