Monday, March 06, 2006

A Good Day For A Rest

Well, after a day in which I was supposed to do a 2.5 hour ride I got a much needed rest day today. Yes, I said that I was supposed to do 2.5 hours yesterday but never managed to get that far as I was experiencing some dizziness and had trouble getting my heart rate above 135. I did my long ride Saturday which is by far the longest I've ridden since 1996 and I didn't eat enough on Sunday to recover from that type of effort. I knew right away when I couldn't get my heart rate up that I wasn't recovered from Saturday's effort but I figured I'd keep on trying to ride. After about 45 minutes I got really dizzy and almost passed out twice. I'm attributing that dizzy spell to some dehydration and lack of caloric intake as know that I just didn't follow a good recovery diet. I ate well today and did 10 quick minutes on the rollers to check my heart rate and sure enough it was right back up to normal for my perceived effort and I was easily able to hit 158 bpm without any dizziness. I'm going to chalk yesterday up to a learning experience as even though I've raced at the highest level in the past, I still have a lot to learn about my body at the age of 32 and what I'm capable of now. Tomorrow should be a good 1.75 hour ride with some muscle tension intervals and I'm definitely looking forward to hitting the bike again. By the way, this is a picture of all the great snow that we are getting...........

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