Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rolling Right Along

Unfortunately yesterday's weather didn't quite cooperate so I was stuck inside on the rollers as we had temps in the low 30s with a wind chill of about 20 degrees and some flurries. I managed to get in a 2 hour ride on the rollers which was basically a scheduled Recovery Ride day which is just a nice easy ride to clean out the legs. I felt great on the bike but was a little tired overall from probably not getting as much sleep as I should be while I'm on vacation. Today I will be going out to Alpine Valley in East Troy to do about 3.5 hours with 55 minutes of Tempo on the Superweek course which is extremely hilly. I'll get in my Tempo workout and do some much needed hillwork at the same time. I'll definitely be keeping it easy on the hills as I don't want to tax myself too much and not be able to complete my 55 minutes of Tempo. The weather so far is o.k. with temps in the mid 30s and sun, and it's supposed to hit 40 so it should be a good day of riding. Well, off to ride, until tomorrow....................

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